Sherlock RP Lost and Found


Hey there, so I did a thing. After losing loads of good RPs on omegle and unsuccessfully looking for them on tumblr, I decided to create some sort of Sherlock RP lost and found office, meaning you submit your logs and tag it as much as possible.

Soo, I added as much tags as I could think of, but if you think some pairing or “…!lock” is missing, message me :)

The only problem is that I can’t be online 24/7 to post the submitted logs, accordingly I’d really appreciate if someone would volunteer to co-blog with me, preferably someone from a different time zone :)

PS: To make this really work, it needs to be as popular as possible so please spread the word and yeah :) that’s it for now :)



John coming into Sherlock’s bedroom in the morning while he’s asleep to leave a cup of tea by his bed before smoothing down his hair and pressing a kiss to his temple while he thinks it’s safe. Sherlock reaches out and catches John’s wrist in his sleep as he tries to move away. When he attempts to…


Why I hope Johnlock will become canon:


It is not often that viewers get to watch a love story that evolves so subtly over such an extended period of time. It is not often that television shows are able to express the emotional states of their characters through such clever and subtle subtext, if Johnlock becomes canon, this gradual build will be a big pay off. It is also not often that we see a queer relationship develop on screen that is not made into some big show or statement. It is rare that we get to see two queer characters develop so extensively over such a long period of time (not unheard of, but rare). It is rare that queer characters in television are the main characters (they are more often a side story). It is also rare that these characters are so well rounded and that their main character trait is not just being queer. BBC has spent hours developing John and Sherlock as individuals, and as a duo.

These are the reasons why I really, really hope that Johnlock is real. Even if the show just focuses on their intimate friendship I will still be happy, but I firmly believe that their relationship will only grow more intimate as time passes.